Do We Slow Down in the Winter? (Not Likely!)

Many think now that summer has come and gone (sigh!) that we play, visit kids and ski. We do a little of all the above but we also take time to re-group, apply to shows, experiment with new ideas and glazes, evaluate and try and get over the burned- out feeling. A lot has changed in the past few years; we have to travel farther to do shows and now we have added more wholesale accounts. Currently we have our work in: Bryce Canyon Lodge Gift Shop in Utah, Jackson Lake Lodge in Yellowstone Park, Wyoming, The Salt Lake Convention Center Gift Shop and a new one that will open in March 2012 in Springdale, Utah. We will continue to produce through the winter months with shows starting again in February. Watch for updates to our show schedule coming soon! Here are some pics to remember the great summer and all the beautiful pots we sold.