**Handcrafted bowl on a potter's wheel and hand carved with a leaf motif while the clay is still damp


**The carving is part of the design to enhance the contrast of the bright shiny glazes and the matte finish. 


**Multiple glaze applications create the watercolor effect.


**It is perfect for serving food and sure to be the star at the next pot luck dinner.  


**Whether you display it or use it, this bowl is sure to catch anyone's eye and become a wonderful work of art in your home and a conversation piece.


**12" wide x 3" high.


**98.00 shipping included


Decorative Bowl, Serving Bowl, Fruit Bowl, Bowl for Salads

  • This bowl is made from high-fire stoneware clay. It has been fired to 2350 degrees. It is DW, microwave and oven safe.  Lead free glazes are used. Artist K. Rasmussen mixes his own original glazes, his trademark is the contrast of raw matte clay against bright shiny glazes . Years of trial and error have been mastered in the application of these glazes. The clay also contains iron which sometimes comes through the more transparent glazes. They show as tiny black/brown flecks; the true mark of stoneware pottery.

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