* Handmade Jar made on a potter's wheel


* Beautiful Lidded Vase has been glazed in an array of earth tones, browns, gold, blues and greys.


* Will look great on the counter, in the bathroom or vanity or on a bookshelf to hold special things


* One of a Kind


* Handle is found driftwood attached with leather


* Decorative or functional. The jar may be used for food, do not put the lid with the wood in 
   the dishwasher. 


*This jar is also a good size to be used as an urn for a pet


* Wonderful addition to any home


* Measures 12" high and 6" wide

$180.00, shipping is included in your purchase

Lidded Pottery Jar w/Browns & Grey, Handmade Jar, Storage Jar, Decorative Jar